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BC is beautiful ... except in November.  The 16 weeks following Thanksgiving have their precious moments but they also bring on the cool damp showers 'til Valentines' that can give a high rise that "mossy fuzzy look".   Freezing & thawing cycles can let water penetrate walls with untold complications to the exterior & interior surfaces.

For 12 years Jerry Oliver has been in the forefront of rehabilitating Lower Mainland structures.  With state-of-the-art equipment & materials, Skyline is able to scour the surfaces in an environmentally safe manner to clean the surface, then repair any flaws before finally applying a preservative coat to delay future discoloration and growth of moss & mildew.

Our Mission

To become the Lower Mainland's premier service for moss removal, pressure washing and preservant application for our high rise dwellings.

Company Profile

Under the guidance of Jerry Oliver, Skyline Waterproofing & Restorations Ltd has assisted landlords and strata councils understand and correct the inherent problem of moss growth in the GVRD.  Jerry has been in this field since 1981 and is knowledgeable of the growth process, its implications on exterior and interior surfaces, the cleanup techniques, and applications to prevent and retard inevitable re-growth.

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